Islam Albadri


Islam Albadri.. Since 23 years ago, I was born.

I'm Egyptian, Born in Helwan. I had grown up in Lybia, and spent 18 years their in Sabratha in west. I came back to Egypt to attend a collage

I'm one of those which participated in 25th Jan. revolution but please don't call me political activist (I hate this phrase) and I've been put in the jail for 3 times before because of my believes.. I'm interested in Human Rights career and I try to do something usefull. I've worked with many Egyptian NGOs In my university and out of the university. Now I'm founding member in (Hypatia for Comprehensive Development), my titel in "Hypatia" is a videographer and video editor in many projects. I believe in Open Source an creative commons so I work hard to spread this idea.

Just have one thing before I forget, I'm studing medicine and guess what!!! I'll be a doctor someday :)

  • Work
    • Hypatia fot Comprehensive Development
  • Education
    • Medcial Studies - Assiut University
    • كلية الطب - جامعة أسيوط