Abu Ahmadi

I have worn many hats during my career: marketer, sales manager, fitness trainer, entrepreneur, IT, team builder, webmaster, project manager and strategist.

These different experiences gave me a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects, and to find pleasure in overcoming complex challenges.

My professional value boils down to the following believes and skills:

➲ An entrepreneur-mentality is not only useful for starting your own business. Pro activity, creativity, bold decision making, taking responsibility, autonomy, team-work, market analysis.

All those things that go along with an entrepreneurial mindset, make people go above and beyond their job description, while moving faster and more effective towards the company's goals.

➲ Lew Platt once said: “If only HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive.”

The bigger the company, the higher the need for people that are able to communicate inter-culturally and interdisciplinary. Building teams, and facilitating the information flow between them and our customers is my specialty.

➲ In a world that is constantly changing, the question is not what you know, but how quickly you are able to unlearn it and learn something else. The easier one adapts, the quicker they will contribute to the success of their company.

Being Curious and a Quick learner is the best quality I have.