Ashley Bulayo

As a journalism major with an intent on broadcasting, I see myself working in a multitude of places. Based on past internships, I found my strongest point is to be able to adapt to any different task given. With that in mind, I’m willing to give any job opportunity a try. I am positive that I will make a difference in the journalism field and become an acceptable addition to any company.

I plan to graduate by spring of 2014 from San Jose State University. However, I still want to gain experience through several internships. I do see myself sitting at my desk, making several phone calls to confirm stories, and pitching them to producers. I see myself gaining respect in the journalism field and building my network with other producers and even editors of magazines. I know I want to make a difference in this field. I want my name known and although it is competitive with the fear of journalism as a dying business. I want to be able to help revive that.

  • Work
    • KTVU Creative Services Intern
  • Education
    • San jose State University