Mohammad Abumuailek

Founder & CEO @ Shareek in Palestine

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I'm a technology enthusiast, living for the change & finding my way in:

Content Visualization.

Communicational Design.

UX, UI .

Packed with exceptional human skills & lots of great ideas working on them while you are reading this!

Very interested in Psychology, Sociology, Social Engineering and looking to continue improving and expanding my knowledge & expertise in both Technology and Human science.

I currently focus on Marketing in general, and its connection to Technology.

Lately, I've proved great skills in Business Development & Planning.

Fun Fact:
Abumuailek™ is a personal brand, so you'll find me on emails, websites and services (Facebook, Twitter... etc)

  • Work
    • Shareek
  • Education
    • UCAS
    • Swiss eLearning Institute