Abundant Life Solutions (ALS)


Rev. Dr. Anne Wood, missionary in Asia since 1995, founded Abundant Life Solutions (ALS) Asian Ministry Center in the Philippines in 2008.

Today she is mentoring the ALS team to prepare them as mentors of others in ministry and life skills.

Pastora Wilma Roundtry joined the team in 2008 as our housekeeper and librarian.

Bro. John Paul Supanga joined the team in 2009 as our IT specialist.

Rev. Faye Perualila: serves on the team as the Director of the Fashion Jewelry Project (FJP).

Sis. Michelle Arriola joined the team in 2011 and now serves as executive assistant to Anne.

Sis. Kay Narte joined the team in 2012 as Project Specialist for FJP.She manages the FJP showroom and assists Faye.

As Anne's Asian ministry continues to develop in Asia, the ALS team will become effective as cross-culture workers well able to lead future generations of Filipinos into effective ministry at home and abroad.

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