Abundant Living Neurofeedback & Counseling

professional counseling in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Abundant Living Neurofeedback and Counseling helps you achieve your greatest potential through EEG Biofeedback and Professional Counseling.

Anna Raab is the only mental health practitioner in Tulsa, OK who is Board Certified to mentor in Neurofeedback. During the certification process she received her mentoring from Dr. Richard Soutar who is a pioneer and author in the field. Anna is also licensed as a Pastoral Counselor.

Anna Raab is a Christian Psychotherapist. Her desire is to help others attain their highest potential. Through Counseling she approaches each individual much like one would tend a garden. One has to assess the health of the soil, the environment, and the nutrient’s that affect the garden. As for people, she treats the inner health of one’s mind and thoughts in the context of their unique personality, the influences around them, the spiritual climate that nourishes them, and the emotions that result.