Abu Ngauja

Account Executive, Writer, and Dreamer in Chicago, Illinois

STAY WILD \\ resume

I'm 23, hip, and I do not claim Generation Y. I like to curate human experiences. Spur of the moment trips, seminars that don't apply to me, falling asleep to Miley Cyrus - experiences lead to stories, and stories lead to interactions. I'm fascinated by brands and how consumers experience them on a personal and digital level. I'm a driven marketer with experience in leading and overseeing large-scale marketing campaigns for US Happy Meal, and trust me, those kiddies are hard to please. As a first-generation African I'm aware that different eyes see different things and that there are insights in everything. I wear my detail-oriented badge with pride - it's molded me into a competent leader with a steady track record in both an agency and philanthropic setting. I love forming and sustaining relationships, and to keep them fresh, I strive to always be a different thinker in a time where everyone wants to be a forward thinker.

In life, what you fall in love with chooses you and not the other way around - I've fallen in love with storytelling. Storytelling taps into what moves people, and all I've ever wanted to be was a mover and a shaker of the world.

My passions include creativity, the power of words, the hope of youth and the satisfaction of a succesful event.

Some odds & ends about myself:

I'm a first generation African-American. Shout out to Sierra Leone.

I have a twin sister and she's the light of my life.

I pretty much eat everything.

Fashion icons: Anyone with Kennedy as a last name.

  • Work
    • Leo Burnett Chicago
  • Education
    • University of Central Florida