Ashley Burdge

Teacher in Minnesota

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The Long-Winded Introduction:

This year I got this crazy idea--"START A BLOG!" My mind would not give it a rest. "But," I'd try to reason, "I have nothing to write." So is the common dilemma of most writers. To be honest, "I have nothing to write!" is a subpar cop out. It isn't that I don't have any material, I have too much! My mind is this endless chasm of thoughts that connect and intertwine with one another. My emotions run deep and latch on to these ideas which are then subsequently encompassed in ill-used logic. I have loads to write! It just maybe nothing others would ever care to even indulge. If I have learned anything in my last 24 years of life it is this: I have two very prominent strengths. Persistence, and Brevity (brevity is obvs a joke). The mind won in the end.

The Invitation:

So, if you're in for the joy ride of your life, this blog probably isn't for you. On the other hand, if you're up to looking at life through a different lens on occasion, I may have something to offer. My name is Ashley Burdge. I am a woman, a teacher (by default), an eating disorder boxing champion, and a pretty dang proud Minnesotan Mormon. Life is rough, but there are million lessons to be learned and many perspectives to be had. Caution: Now entering my mind. Your Welcome.