Andrew Burnham

Rockport MA. U.S.

Umass Amherst - Isenberg - BBA 2016. I grew up in a small town on the east coast of Massachusetts. Gaining a lot of my cultural and social experiences traveling as a young and aspiring professional athlete. In fact, my passion and dreams for soccer landed me a spot at a division one soccer program which coincidently yielded an outstanding business program. It was here where I developed an interest for all of my business courses. Recieving good grades in my classes worked to re-enforce my interest in accounting; as it allowed me to realize that I not only liked doing the work but I was good at it. My work as an undergrad has nourished my interest in accounting and urged me to desire a position at a top firm.

  • Education
    • Umass Amherst
    • Umass Isenberg