Md Abu Sayed


Lecturer at CSE Department (Part Time), World University of Bangladesh, Dhaka (Bangladesh)

01/01/2010– 30/10/2014

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Edu-Smart

House# 52, Lake Drive Road, Nikunjo-1, Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Our years of educational research and finding shows need of Education Management Information System (EMIS) services in educational institutions and as each institution is different in terms of requirements and operations, we have to develop customized EMIS solutions for each. Currently around 50 educational institutions in Bangladesh including several top most institutions are availing our services and as we are providing this service in ‘Managed Service’ Model, institutions will have the opportunity to introduce IT enabled services without any operational and capital investment option. My responsibilities are,

- IT Enabled Services Planning and Implementation

- Understand clients requirements

- Develop services as per requirements

- Monitor daily activities and provide IT Support

- Design and conduct IT training

Business or sector Information and Communication Technology


Research Student, Örebro University, Örebro (Sweden)

As a research Student in 'eduPhone' project at Örebro University my responsibilities were to find the learning from and usability of mobile phone technology to provide health care information to the rural people of developing countries. It was a field based research project where we had collected required data from rural areas in Bangladesh. Data was collected in the form of questionnaire and interviewing the target group. It was also submitted as my master's thesis.


Software Developer, Impera Kommunikation AB, Örebro (Sweden),

As a software developer my responsibilities were to develop module based software that could handle,

1. Text to Image Converter (Web based function)

2. Dynamic page cache (Web based function)

3. E-mail Analyzer (Windows application)

4. Getting content from different server and searching and make new databases from existing ones.


1. “Using eduPhone for Self-Service Healthcare in Developing Countries” Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Mobile for Development (m4d’08), Karlstad, Sweden. December 10-12, 2008.

2. "Testing e-Learn