Abusayeed Shafee

Student and Web Developer in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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I see myself as an polite, uniqueand sensitivehuman. I'm nOt trying tO give everyOne an image fairytale, tOtally perfect Or everything else. I'm just being myself. There's sO many thing i like, all are nOt possible tO mentiOn, sO find Out urself.. I dOn't lie & I find myself happy with my favOrite persOn's & my family members. LOve tO meet new peOple,

I'm highly into music, I love outdoors. I'm intelligent and have a really wicked sense of humor. I like to eat, I like to make friends, I enjoy socializing and above all I believe I'm always honest and extremely loyal. My friends and family mean a lot to me. I can be a bit of a geek sometimes. I like to read story books... it's becoming quite addictive to me. Technology is my life, what i live for, just anything involving computing or micro-computing will fill me in, and I love to get along with latest technological trends... Having surrounded by geeks, it felt like been in paradise, especially in beautiful city of Dhaka. Friends used to call me tanu :p. It may seems a little weird but i'm in love with my Mobile & Gadgets.

Before you start judging me, lets have a talk first!...
okay, did i mention that i am a god (allah) fearing person? Well, i just did ;)

I'm shy at first, so give me some time to warm-up with you ;)

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