Ammer Abu-Setta

MENA Region

In 3 + 1 GrouP (Abu-Setta International Assistant ASIA-IP, Ammer Abdelhamid Abu-Setta & Companies, Abu-Setta and Partners ArabSun Radio and News), we value creativity and innovation and to this mission we have been engaged since 1952 to invest all our assets in order to preserve Intellectual Property rights, as we believe that it is one of nations’ development engines. Because of the remarkable development in MENA region, the need for Intellectual Property protection increased and naturally, 3 + 1 GrouP could only join the rapid trend our head office in Jordan manages 16 countries in order to fulfil all our client’s needs concerning IP matters in the Middle East and North Africa Region.

3 + 1 GrouP operates not only in the MENA region but worldwide through its strong business connections and cooperation with famous IP firms. To honour our commitments, we recruited a highly qualified staff that shares the same principles of the company. Our Human resources are daily committed to manage the portfolio of our clients-partners and offer affective and efficient professional consultancy.

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