Cheryl Sudweeks

Bella Coola British Columbia

OK Audi…if Jesse can do this.. I can too! Ill do this…please no spell check!! 10 things you don’t know about me?.. Cheryl? All of you on here either know me from childhood or grownup hood so most of you have played a role in my life.…..hmm… Life can only be understood backwards; but experience has taught me it must be lived… moving forwards.. in faith.. With that said..

#1)You probably didn’t know…. royal blood runs through my veins! My great grandparents were part of the Trans-Atlantic Mormon migration from Scandinavia began when a "little flock of Danish Saints, Left for america..they were willing to sacrifice everything they had… even their lives. Buried in the atlantic ocean and on the plains, for what they believed... for a dream, and the freedom to pursue it!! The stories and the legacy they have passed down from generation to generation has made me who I am. President Howard W Hunter my dads cousin taught .. “Just love one another” I like to believe, I come from a long line of Love! Willing to give our convictions and our dreams our “ALL”.

# 2) Lets see…You probably didn’t know .. I was born a blue baby (not breathing) my grandmas house in Eugene Oregon. number 5 of 13 kids.The chiropractor who delivered me didn’t think I would live...but it was my Dad... my hero! who always believed in me ...who got me breathing. He took part of me with him when he died at 59, Leaving behind what I believe… the neatest family in the world!

# 3)You probably didn’t know... but I was told by a bunch of kids .. (and now i know).. 40 yrs ago I married.. “Mcguiver with a leather-man” (ol Lee Majors)… he’s amazing. He’s my mountain man, who can do anything and fix everything (except a horses broken leg) we fight holding hands! He loves me.. likes me.. needs me just the way i want him too…. ya he’s the kind of daddy that can fit in my dads shoes… he’s the only man that i will ever come home too. ya .. I write songs for him! and we once had a family band when our kids lived at home… Chilanko Lodge on One eye lake… Music was the magic the glue to all we did There!!

# 4) You probably didn’t know… Mark and I had a hard time having children? When we finally had our first little boy Seth, he was only here for a few days. That experience has been the template for everything in our life. I know for sure this life is not the end. I know families are forever! I know every sorrow, sacrifice, pain, and suffering, we endure will be for o

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