Amy Butterfield

Amy Butterfield

They say that wanderlust may be genetic. I think it’s simply human passion, the heart pulling us towards what the universe has so beautifully pieced together. It’s one part box breaking desire, one part soul quenching thirst, with a pinch of photographic narcissism thrown in for good measure.

It’s not a hefty bank account or ‘luck’ that provides me with opportunities. I live a fortunate life because I choose to. The cracks in life’s path have strengthened me, and I’ve scaled the canyons like a mother f%#er. Through my experiences I’ve learned that life is unpredictable and sometimes, painfully cut short. Goals and dreams are the essence of life, giving us purpose, drive and reason. There are too many fascinating people to meet and winding roads to wander, too many hidden corners to seek and unique flavors to indulge. How can one possibly sit still when the world offers us an endless supply of discovery? Make your time count. Or don’t. It’s your choice.

My passion lies in things like hot yoga, a good book, passport stamps, and writing. I am sparked by the universe’s gifts of white sand beaches, cream cheese frosting, a hot cup of coffee and anything Italian. But my heart and soul revolve around my people. I have the greatest friends (a learning curve), the strongest family (we made it!) and the most incredible husband and two beautiful daughters. Yet, I am not a roots person per say. You see, I’ve discovered that I have wings. Mine happen to be hot pink with sparkles, and I intend to fly as often as possible.

“Have an evolving bucket list, love, laugh, travel, open your eyes, drink wine, and never, ever, pass up tiramisu.” – Amy Butterfield

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