Kimberly Salvinski Garcia

Who is Kimmy and why do I share the light? All the advice you ever gave anyone is for you to hear. - Byron Katie

I want to take this phrase and post it all over my website. This is the foundation of Kimmy Sharing Light.

When we share with others, we are truly expressing what we have changed, or want to change within ourselves. Why do you think people roll their eyes at us when hear advice from us? Those receivers of information from us think we are completely off our rocker giving advice that we sometimes do not take heed ourselves.

Kimmy Sharing Light is to recognize the reason we are sharing, is to embed the command in our own minds. The heart of love knows the spirit of Soul, And by the present practice of this perspective, Shall the journey home be commenced, And someday our destination shall meet within. To discover again, the true substance we are. And what am I but Soul, And what is Soul but that I am; The substance of beingness, Expressing the consciousness of Spirit.

I embrace change, imperfection and the ups and downs of life. I live for accountability and enlightenment.

I started this journal when I lost a friend of mine. He felt there was no way out. He felt that circumstances could not be changed. I pray for his family, and the families of all involved to seek peace.

Soul searching and self discovery comes from within.

However, much can be learned from everyone around you. I find that with a record of events, one can seek to learn from previous steps and stop running the same circle.

Getting the facts on screen makes it easier to see my accomplishments and failures. Take what you need, leave the rest. Or don't.

"All mentors have a way of seeing more faults than we would like. It's the only way we grow." Padme

I have also cut ties on toxic people. There are some people that no matter how you try, these few love to be miserable, and only find happiness when they can drag others down.

Many people can talk the talk, some people really know how to walk the walk, but it is a rare few who get to dance the dance!