Abuzer AD

I started designing from a young age with basic pencil and paper drawings, sketching, painting and product design.Most of my design skills and knowledge are self taught and

I only moved in to designing for digital media while doing my Design & Sketching at Art Council, Pakistan. On the course we learned a range of skills and Basis including live drawing, line Work, Solid Drawing, freehand Drawing, Concept development, Design Trend, typography, future trends, new media and advertising.I have a keen interest in everything to do with Branding, Website Design, Graphic Design, Print Media Flash, HTML+CSS and Typography. The portfolio you see here highlights Recent Design work from all of these areas, showing my range of design.If you have a new concept in your mind that you want to bring in live or need an assistance in restructuring your Brand, Website feel free to contact me.Specialties: Logo design, Website Design, Mail Shot, Newsletter, Brochure, Stationery, Booklet, Banners, Flash Banner, Flash Intros, HTML, CSS, JQuery and much more in design.