Abz Barrera

I am trying to live my life as if I were sixteen. I am working in a corporate world and everyday I deal with numbers, figures and reports. Trying new things is my sweetest escape from the "real world". From concerts, fan girling, marathons, mountain climbing, traveling and adventure, as long as it'll make me happy, I go and do it even if it takes me going solo. Some of my friends think that I'm weird. Well yeah I know, I am. ;) I don't splurge on clothes, shoes, bags and accessories just like what a typical girl do. I save up for food and travel. I am only starting to explore, I've been to a few places locally, and I am actually loving it. For now, my goal is to explore my country first before visiting thy neighbors. My ultimate dream destination locally is Batanes.

I love taking pictures. I love sun sets as much as I love sun rise. I love full moon. I love star gazing. I love mountains. I love the beach even though I don't know how to swim (can somebody please teach me how to? pretty please? *batting eyelashes*). I love long road trips. Whenever on a ride, I always take the window seat. I love to laugh. I love food. I love watching cooking shows and I love to cook whenever I can. I love watching movies and some tv series. I love music as much I love coffee, my day isn't complete without having one. I am jill of all trades but master of none.

I once dreamed of becoming a doctor, astronaut, lawyer, musician, rock star, chef and a CIA agent. Now that is weird. Hahaha. :)

I am not a poetic. I am not really good in words. I am not good in expressing my thoughts but at least I'm trying through my blog (iamgeekchic.wordpress.com). Up until now, I don't know what kind of blog it would be. I am very much glad to share my story with random people on cyberspace. :)