Aaron Charles

Aaron Charles

My name is Aaron Charles, I am 26 years old. I have been dancing for 8 year but professionally for 5 years as a performer, choreographer, teacher and educator within the art.

'AC' is my alias as a dancer. People usually call me Aaron. The first 3 years of dancing was just a cool and fun introduction to my journey as a dancer. I was training in hip hop, contemporary, dancehall and krump with a dance group ELD which was later named Limitless. This was my ticket off the streets.

Dancing was a temporary safe haven for me as being on the streets of East London was not so good. I needed to get away from that part of life. From viewing very horrible things and never knowing if the next day would be a good one or a day full of violence, crime and negative behavior from my peers.

So after 3 years of training with 'Limitless' I had to pursue my freelance dance career. I got introduced to a STREETDANCE style called House dance which saved my life so to speak. This dance has brought me many friends and so many achivements in life since seeing it in 2009 but actually learning and studying it in 2010.

The House dance community in the UK has grown a lot since 2009 and I am very happy that i have seen it develop to what it has become now and also be part of the reason that it has grown so much but it wouldn't of happened if i never met D-lo and another good friend of mine kashmir which has also helped the hip hop kulture grow at a very fast pace throughout the UK over the years.

House dance is more than a style of dance it is a life style that has a spirtual and uplifting effect to dancers that can feel the energy that comes from the music. When dancing 'and i will speak for myself' I feel a sense of weightlessness, a happy, warm, and care free feeling when the music comes on. I don't care who is around me at the time, i just have to move, i have to tap my foot, nod my head to the music. I let the music take me to another place, inside my head where thinking doesn't happen, where people around me are ignored and pure happiness is being created.

So since pursuing a career I started researching and understanding what house dance was and where it came from, I really wanted to know its history. I found out as much as i could about the history and the orgins of the dance and also continued studying the house dance to.

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