Adam J. Cochran

Denver, Colorado

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I am music. I am the repetitious melody like an echo you can feel. An electric vibrant chill that’ll make you shiver and shed a tear. I’ve got an understanding in my message, with my down tempo eyes. I am your calm and collected mind while listening to jazz and house. Close your eyes and you’ll be surprised at the memories I can revive. I’m an over charged battery that needs some amps to be released. Turn up the hard, metal, and indie rock please. My ambient style, I can express for more than a mile. Remember the lonely smile in your memory, when you’ve said your last goodbye? What about when you’ve rehearsed how to heal when you’re alone? I'll experiment on your heart with words and excite you with my verbiage. I'll even make you gasp for air with my country mannerism. I’ve got your feet stomping, fist pumping, with my hip hop type of bounce. High on words and I love every single ounce.-13

  • Work
    • Rhino Staging
  • Education
    • South Forsyth High School
    • Red Rock Community College