Adriane Clark

My name is Adriane Clark and my birth story is unique. I was a premature baby weighing two pounds and twelve ounces at my birth. I was supposed to be born in April, but my birthday was January 9, 1997. As a result of being born 3-4 months early, I had to live in the hospital the first six months of my life. These six months were a struggle to keep me alive, but thanks to the doctors at Emory Crawford Long hospital in Atlanta, GA, I survived. During these months I had to have my head shaved whenever my hair grew, so the doctors could keep giving me shots in my head for some reason that I do not know. After I was able to leave the hospital, I had to wear a breathing monitor because I could not handle breathing on my own yet. I also had to drink a certain type of milk because I could not digest regular baby formula. Although I was born early and it is miracle that I am alive, I am blessed to say that I did not have any birth defects and by the age two I was completely healthy and able to do any and everything any other healthy two year old could do. Years later I still owe my gratitude to the hard working doctors at Emory and hope to be a huge donator to the hospital when I am financially able.