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AC Market is a popular analogue of the Play Market. Download the AC Market application to your phone.

Most people who constantly come across phones use the Play Market catalog and do not look for analogues for it, even if they are not satisfied with it in everything. There is an explanation for this - it is very difficult to find another catalog, because there are a huge number of them, and the reviews about them are controversial. And for this, you should first study the best ones, and choose AC Market, then it remains to download on Android. Because it is, exclusively, one of the popular applications or a replacement for Market Play.

The main reason for this that people decide to look for a new app store for themselves is Google policy. Because of it, many other applications and hacked games are not included in the lists, and sometimes they are blocked without it is not clear where. This happens even with popular games - for example, almost all parts of Angry Birds in the Market Play have long disappeared. But they are definitely present in the AC Market, as well as a huge number of other applications and games that, for unknown reasons, did not find a place in Google Play.

Ac Market is a software store that, in fact, is very similar to the beloved Google Play. The only difference is that to download any applications or different games, you do not have to go through the standard registration and write mail and other data. The application contains many useful applications that can be easily downloaded and installed on phones or just tablets.

Every year, the requests of people of mobile technology are in demand, and therefore, more and more new games and applications are being created that make it easier to use with gadgets. Initially, all programs could be downloaded only from official servers, and be content with what is there. Today, hundreds of other analog stores can be downloaded, which offer more convenient use and enhanced capabilities for smartphone owners.

Application features

By installing AC Market on your smartphone, you can count on:

Full and modified versions of games and programs.

Updating mod versions of games and applications

User-friendly interface, the number of settings is minimized.

New version of databases every day.

Downloading installation files with programs directly from the application.

File scanning with built-in, reliable antivirus.