Mohammed Ariful Hoque, ACA

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Born and raised in Mymensingh, Bangladesh where my father owned some land along with his government service career. As children, my brother and I would go to work with him; dusting and really just playing on the field. During my teens and while going to college, I continued to work in the family ranch. I worked my way through the ranch. This upbringing provided me with a solid understanding of farming business.

My first job after completing both the BBA & MBA, major in Finance at University of Chittagong, was in the Professional Accounting field, what we call public practice. While working for my Articledship in a Chartered Accountant firm, I did the ACA through the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB).

I was used to achieving great results at university with last minute work, so my first exam in the Program was an eye-opener; in fact I was close to tears not knowing whether I passed. What made the exam so difficult is what sets the Program apart from other courses - you are required to practically apply the tax, accounting and audit provisions. Therefore, you cannot regurgitate from a textbook; you must understand and apply the provisions to factual situations. However, this requirement is actually a blessing in disguise. As a Chartered Accountant you should be able to hit the ground running in most professional roles and start contributing from day one. We do more than record transactions or convert a shoebox of receipts into a tax return; we have the ability to go the next step or two and add value. This is why the Chartered Accountant designation is such a desired and beneficial qualification when it comes to applying for jobs.

Of course, this meant more education. One of the benefits about becoming a Chartered Accountant is that you work full-time while doing your courses which are delivered through correspondence followed up with in-depth seminars.

My goals are to educate clients and help with cash flow, not burden them. I specialize in small businesses, individuals and families.

Who am I? I am Arif, Chartered Accountant, business patient and community volunteer.

  • Work
    • A. Qasem & Co., Chartered Accountants
  • Education
    • BBA, MBA, ACA