Brenda Herzog

My name is Brenda Herzog and my background is in Psychology, Substance Abuse and Addiction Counselling and Life Coaching. I have obtained the following degrees and diplomas: Bachelor's Degree Psychology Bachelors of Science Substance Abuse and Addiction Counselling Associates Degree Life Coaching Diploma Child Psychology Diploma Adult Psychology Diploma Counselling Skills Today's world is full of daily stressors. As well, individuals have been faced with traumatic experiences that have caused them to create unhealthy coping mechanisms such as drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, overspending, overworking and unhealthy relationships. Many times there is more than one unhealthy de-stressor used in an attempt to cope with very painful experiences. The inability to cope leads to increased sadness, despair and anger. These feelings increase over time and are sometimes undetected even though the person is crying out for help. My goal is to help each individual with compassion and understanding. With appropriate counselling and/or treatment the person can deal with the underlying core issues, create balance in their lives and works towards supporting their Body, Mind, and Spirit in a healthy manner. To only deal with one component of our beings; it is not possible to be whole. It's like having a new car and only taking it to the car wash, eventually the engine will burn out or the interior will eventually deteriorate. I have been working with reputable centres in Canada and the US for many years. With hands on experience I can and have confidently recommended many centres that have been best suited to the individual and family’s needs. I have also worked with many individuals who were frustrated, angry or sad. With good support, they realized they didn't have to live this way. It's time to wake up and feel happy for no apparent reason at all; with no substances, no baggage, no guilt and no regrets. Just happy to be alive and to have the opportunity to take one more breath. I am here to get you back on your RIGHTFUL PATH, Please call........

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