Alvaro Cadavid

Alvaro Cadavid is a producer, sound engineer, sound designer, and music inudstry innovator born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. He graduated from Colegio Nueva Granada, but before that he accomplished much more. After taking several courses in EMMAT on music theory along with music production, Alvaro Cadavid created his own recording studio (Bayron Records) with the purpose of recording upcoming artists along with instrumental dubbing, jungles, and commercial narrations. Among his costumers is the TV channel Nickelodeon to whom he did the instrumental dubbing for their TV show “Isa TK+” along with short compositions. Alvaro has dedicated his whole life to music, he first started playing guitar when he was 6, then learned how to play bass, and then became the drummer he is known as today. He has cooperated and played in several recordings in different spaces in Colombia and in the US, including the House of Rock in Santa Monica, California. Currently Mr. Cadavid is enrolled at Berklee College of Music where he will graduate with a dual major in Music Production & Engineering and Electronic Production & Design, and is still doing freelance in-the-box production.

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