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Gina Hiatt

Gina Hiatt, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, tenure coach and dissertation coach. She helps professors and graduate students to complete research and writing projects and publish, while maintaining high teaching standards and other commitments. In addition to dissertation coaching, she runs workshops and teleclasses on time management, writing, career planning and grad student/advisor relationships. She is also the founder of the Academic Writing Club (, an extremely popular online accountability membership site that helps grad students, postdocs and professors not to procrastinate, but to finish their all-important long term writing projects, such as dissertations, articles for publication, scholarly books, and grants.

Gina has now started second business, called Finish Agent, Inc., that uses her proprietary software that she created for the Academic Writing Club, and licenses it to coaches in other fields who know that their clients need accountability, and to want to have the success that Gina has had with her membership site.