Academy Eye Associates

3115 Academy Road, Durham, NC 27707, United States

Academy Eye Associates: Welcome to Academy Road Office! Academy EyeAssociates, an independent private practice in optometry, located in Durham,North Carolina, is committed to providing you and your family with the mostcomplete and thorough eye care possible. We pride ourselves on our modernoffices and warm caring atmosphere.

We provide professional optometric eye care, including eye exams, eyeglasses,contact lenses, consultation for LASIK and other refractive surgery, andspecialty vision care for young children and the visually impaired.

Using state of the art equipment and highly trained professional staff, weoffer the highest level of vision and eye care services available in theTriangle. We enjoy referrals for our specialty care from the entire region andhave many patients who visit us from as far away as the West Coast, Europe andbeyond.