Academy of Financial Trading

The Academy of Financial Trading is a trading educator with a great reputation for both the lessons it gives, and the trading ability of its staff. The Academy of Financial Trading is composed of traders who have been successful in their own right including analysts and brokers and has a committed customer support division to help you access the courses. The training team have worked with traders who have no experience, as well as people who have been trading for many years. Anyone who wants to get better at trading is welcome to learn from them. Not only do the Academy of Financial Trading training team have years of trading behind them, they are teachers who have experienced the brokering side of trade deals, making them able to teach from this alternative perspective on the industry. They know what makes for a good retail trader.

As the Academy of Financial Trading trainers have their own track record of successful trades, you can see that they have a great deal of knowledge to convey to their students. The Academy of Financial Trading staff members actually continues privately trading and their own funds also turn a profit. This trading success at the Academy of Financial Trading is complemented by the many years of educational experience that the team bring to the online lessons.

The Academy of Financial Trading employees are ready to assist all traders trying to get better trading results; whether they are new to the game or seasoned veterans. The Academy of Financial Trading has a wide array of tools and resources to complement the individual professional support on offer.

The Academy of Financial Trading trades with its own in-house developed tools and methods, and is ready to let new traders in on the way that they succeed. They have perfected their trading strategies by being long term members of the traders' community as well as successfully training thousands of others in the techniques. All live interactive sessions broadcasted by the Academy of Financial Trading, including the question and answer sessions, are recorded and students are given access to these video recordings. This level of transparency is unique within the trading educator industry. The Academy of Financial Trading encourages new and experienced traders to get involved and find out what the trading community is all about.