Acadia Einstein

Charlotte, NC

I run (badly) and I also wrote the unpopular story Whalewolf. On the other hand, I am a super bad ass with my own trained lion. The lion has a bear as a sidekick and they both know how to drive cars.

I've lived a bunch of places but now I am in Charlotte, NC. It's nice enough. I don't like vinegar barbecue, though. Or racists.

I'm good at all sorts of stuff so if you need anything let me know.

Oh, and all the tags I'm picking don't really describe me. I just want to see if doofuses search for chicks on here.

I'm acadiabl on AIM

I'm superficialgallery on Google chat

I'm senatoracadia on Yahoo

I'm senatoracadia on Skype


2217-D Matthews Township Parkway
Suite 206
Matthews, NC 28105

Phone:(704) 659-1233