A Caker's Dozen

What we specialize in... We believe that variety is the spice of life. Why should your dessert be any different? Why splurge on one big piece of chocolate cake when you can have 3 or 4 small different varieties of dessert? We specialize in bite-sized treats, 2 or 3 mouthfuls of pure, fresh-baked bliss. We find them to be ideal for special parties and events because no one has to carry around large plates while they mingle. Everything we make is easy to hold and easy to eat. No mess, no fuss and everyone walks away happy (and full!). We carry a full line of "petite" desserts that are all fully customizable. Our line includes, but is not limited to: *Cupcakes (mini, standard & jumbo) *Brownies (mini & standard) *Mini-Cakes (size = standard cupcake) Carrot, Cheesecake & more! *Chocolate Covered Pretzels *Truffles (Oreo, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, etc) *Cake Pops *Cake Balls *Cookies Everything we bake is made fresh for every order and we use only the best ingredients. We can customize our icings and cake decor to match any party/color theme you can imagine. We don't believe in using fondant on our petite desserts because we believe every bite should be enjoyable. There is nothing enjoyable about removing globs of gumpaste and fondant to get to your dessert. Moist delicious cake with creamy icing? What can be better then that?