arceli caneda

arceli caneda

Business Development Manager

Arceli brings far more than 5 years of experience in business development, human resources, training and consulting to her role as a Business Development Manager. She brings a vitality, professionalism and warmth, and a mindset of service and advocacy to her work with clients.

Arceli's primary focus about lifestyle unique capabilities among prospective clients, past clients. As an advocate of the company's vision to and develop and maintain relationships with current and enrich the spirit and performance of organizations, and its purpose to positively impact the world by creating thriving organizational cultures, Arceli finds her work rewarding and fulfilling.

Arceli spent five years in Singapore the staffing/executive placement industry of lifestyle kitchen company where she held roles as a business development manager, national training manager and executive search consultant.

Arceli graduated of Information Technology where she studied Computer programmer.

In that capacity, Arceli In addition to her love for reading good books and her passion for writing, traveling around the world.

She personal and professional life have taught her that the gift of listening far outweights the art of talking. Listening positions her to identify client's need and wants, Empowering her to be a "trusted advisor" with the ability to influence in a positive way.

This is a first step toward shaping culture.

As good and positive she join SWA Ultimate.

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