Miranda Irvin


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And what do I mean by captive? Like a captive audience, staying in tune with the speaker who is engaging them, my brain is soaking up data and information from the world around me. Analyzing life and interaction. Dwelling on it. Processing it so that I can use it and come to a deeper understanding of it. I share my life with my husband Troy, our son August, and two wiley rescue dogs named Shadow & Lady. My life consists of daily excursions to parks, bathtimes, coffee breaks, late night conversations with my man. I am intrigued by nerdy concepts such as homesteading, canning, and the self-sufficient life, and enjoy fashion, art, and culture. Every once in awhile, I just like to sit still and breathe.

  • Work
    • www.troycreates.com
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Greenville IL