anthony carlo

Growing up I fell in love with the underdog story. As you can tell from my favorite quote, I am a fan of the cinema classic, "Rocky". Choosing the career path I have chosen, the movie incorporates everything related to my passion: sports, (I report the news as well), hard work, and most importantly the indelible effect of saying you can when others say you can't. As my graduation day awaits me in May of 2015 even though I am anxious, I am very excited. I am excited because I know that I have a burning passion for broadcasting. Having completed four internships at CBS Sports, SNY, FiOS1 News, and CBS News, I know that there is one thing that nobody can take away from me; hard work. I am one of the hardest working people you will ever meet and that is because I am blessed to be doing something I love. My days usually consist of attending class, producing and anchoring three sports shows (College Football Corner, Grid Iron Recap, and Full-Court Press--you can view on, hosting a sports/talk radio program, acting as Executive Sports Producer for my college's TV program, Sports Director of WICR (campus radio), covering the Westchester Knicks for, and shooting and editing newsworthy packages in the field. I spend my free time interning. I aspire to be at the top of the industry.