Andrew Bailey

Seattle, WA

I've been giving financial advice for over three years and there is nothing I enjoy more about my career than helping clients set a strong foundation for financial growth and a deep relationship with the bank. Over the past few years I have lived in cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles and Manhattan where I was in the top 10% of bankers throughout the Manhattan Central region for overall production and profit for all four quarters.

Prior to my success at Citibank in Manhattan I was a Sales & Operations Manager for Verizon Wireless, a career that spanned half a decade and brought me to a couple of the cities aforementioned. It was a great experience that allowed me to hone-in my sales skills and how to manage a successful team of sales professionals while maintaining virtually no operational losses. I was most notably recognized for my ability to work with corporations and business to ensure a smooth sales transactions and best-in-class service with finalized contracts numbering over a hundred devices in a single sale.

The sum of my experience and movement throughout the country has made me an extremely adaptable sales professional with great insight into the client's mind. Understanding, fostering, and maintaining strong financial relationships with clients while having a holistic approach into projects that ensures precise execution. My door is always open to new opportunities, organizations, and networking-groups.

Please send all correspondence through email, thank you!

- Andrew Bailey