Acceleration Advisors

Milwaukee, WI

Whether assisting clients in the development of their present technology portfolio, or striving to facilitate new revenue streams, Acceleration Advisors, Inc. (AAI) provides a suite of external consulting services tailored to enhance bottom-line growth. Within companies driven to develop new technologies and useful derivative products, there is a potential for inaccurate market estimation by often-competing divisions with opposing agendas. Consequently, Acceleration Advisors endeavors to enter the market-evaluation process as an impartial consultant committed to the most desirable financial outcome for its client.

Functioning at the crossroads of communication between client research-and-development and marketing and sales operations, Acceleration Advisors strives to ascertain the efficacy of technologies or strategies proposed by all parties. Furthermore, AAI assumes a proactive role in attempting to identify market potentialities that internal resources may have yet to acknowledge.

Some of the services of Acceleration Advisors include management consulting, technology applications vetting, transitional market analysis and government impact analysis. Forays into new technology are often served by strategic partnerships, as well as alternative manufacturing and development opportunities. Additionally, the constantly shifting sands of federal, state, and local regulation demand that the potential profitability of new technologies be measured against the costs or tax benefits associated with full-scale commercial development. These are among the creative possibilities that the team at Acceleration Advisors explores on behalf of its clients. Most importantly, AAI strives to ensure that it does not blindly endorse the outcomes of internal advocates, but rather redoubles efforts to independently verify the commercial viability and possible applications of each client’s technology portfolio.

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