Richard J. Marks

New York City, New York

• CEO, Access Impact, LLC.

• CEO and Founder of Productions 1000, a media and production company producing positive communications and media content for energy, environment, and sustainability initiatives.

• Co-­‐founder of the Green Salon series held in Washington DC and New York City, an invitation-­‐only forum of people deeply committed to implementing social and political change to improve the environment.

Most recently in New York City, Washington DC and Asia (Beijing, Inner Mongolia and Ulaanbaatar), Richard J. Marks has been dedicated to environmental and clean energy advocacy, literacy and innovation campaigns. These include major renewable energy, resilient cities and reforestation initiatives. He works collaboratively to produce quality communications and outreach for global and domestic initiatives in the US and frontier economies.

Richard enjoys the adventure of leading teams to create strategic communications and content, working with entrepreneurs, design thinkers and brand innovators who understand how engaged communities can drive business, innovation and change forward. At heart, he is a capable producer interested in translating principles into usable, useful, and inter‐cultural visuals and stories.

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  • Education
    • University of Washington Bothell
    • St. John's College, Santa Fe