Accessoire Jewelry

I love to make things with my hands and get messy in the process.

It started early with mudpies... I was sort of a child "mudpie prodigy"!

But then I grew up and had to make some grownup stuff, so I decided to draw, paint, and make jewelry.

My design process is very complicated and intensive! It invovles a desk, lots of beads, wire, tools, and of course me bent over throwing things together until I find what just feels "right" to me!

Sorry I am not one of those designers with pen, ruler poised upon my paper, perfect measurements, gathering supplies to make my design. It is more like napkins, scraps of paper, middle of the night... wakeup... knocking the lamp over... to find a piece of paper to write my thoughts down designing. But I get it done!

And once upon a time I had a pretty successful shop on Etsy, that sort of got washed away with a flood that destroyed my home in 2011. It has taken me awhile to even want to put my jewelry back on the market and start selling again. But here I am and just like all other things after the flood, I am starting out again from the "ground up"!

Hope you like my designs and take the time to visit my shop and blog supporting the many wonderful handmade artisans!

I do have another page, see the icon in my links below.