Accessoires De Darkana

I have been apart of Second life for 8 long years. My main reason for joining this world was to share my passion love and enthusiasm for fashion with like minded people.
This is my passion in real life too, i work daily with fashion, makeup & styling hair. I love to mix and match , i create my own fashion , i dress up in what i like and never think a bit what other think about it. I have so much fun with this , some love my style & some don't, but that is a part of the fashion world, we all are different & that makes it even more interesting .
I created my own page cause i wanna share with you how much fabulous fierce things you can dress your avatar up with , it's like playing with Barbie again , just so much more fun :)
Dare to be yourself , create your own look, never copy anyone , BE YOU!! And embrace it.