Aaen Tobin

Before you can make a decision regarding whether or not you must hire a personal injury attorney / lawyer, you first have to know just what a personal injury case is.

Many people think that an individual injury claim is a car or motor vehicle accident claim. While an injury sustained in a car accident where another was responsible would be a personal injury claim, there are various other issues that also fall under that heading.

A personal injury attorney / attorney addresses things where there's been a injury, either physical or psychological, that was due to the neglect of another. There's no case if there was no neglect then. There must be neglect, whether intentional or unintentional, on-the part of another, for a claim to be appropriate. Put simply, you'd have trouble making a case against your landlord, where you spilled water on your kitchen floor and then slipped and fell due to the water. But, if the landlord had did not fix the plumbing under your sink and the water was on the ground due to leaky plumbing then you definitely may, I say may, have an incident. Dig up more about slip and fall lawyer williamsburg by visiting our compelling encyclopedia. There are other variables that may come into play and as a way to determin your rights, you'd need to seek the advice of the great personal injury attorney.

You'll find many matters apart from car accident matters that will many times be included under personal injury, IE: falls and falls, workplace accidents (after having a workplace accident you may be covered under workers compensation or disability but you may also have a injury claim), injuries caused within a storm or power failure, airplane, bus and train crashes, construction accidents, fires, food poisoning, drug or supplement overdoses, dog bites, getting beat-up, robbed or otherwise injured inside or outside of a business, medical malpractice and even malpractice by a lawyer.

There are many variables that will come into play in determining negligence and many times it may seem that there was no negligence on the part of anybody when there actually was. I myself, know of the case where a party was struck by a car while riding a bike and injured severely. He settled with the driver and the driver's insurance company for your $100,000.00 maximum of-the driver's insurance policy.