Accu Reference Medical Lab

Accu Reference is an advancedmedical reference laboratory services that provides a complete range of medicallab tests for diagnosis, screening or evaluation of diseases and health conditions. We arecertified under the federal Government’s.

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)and operate in compliance with all governmental regulations. We use the newestdiagnostic technology. As new medical tests become available, we update ourlist of services.

Our laboratory technicians are well trained andhave many years of relevant experience. They are talented for providing themost perfect and accurate testing results. We always struggle to develop thequality of our testing, data handling and reporting.

Our mission is become the comprehensive medical laboratorytesting facility preferred by patients and health care providers in DE, MD, NC,NJ, NY, and PA. To do this we focus on providing the highest-quality,best-value lab tests, as well as the most outstanding customer service.