AC Da'Perfecto

Dallas Texas

AC Da’ Perfecto. 4-Time Urban Underground Music Awards Winner & The Akademia Music Awards March 2013 Best Hip Hop EP Winner. From Dallas, Texas – AC Da’Perfecto, is a hip hop, pop and R & B Producer/ artist. He very much enjoys the process in creating music. From inception to performance, AC truly gets excited when that creative flow begins. He writes the lyrics, he mixes and records, perform, produces the shows, and even creates his own graphics –everything from soup to nuts. “As long as you can create a sound that sparks peoples’ wonderment and imagination, then you’ve completed the task”, states AC. He listens to his fans. This is the inspiration that drives him to create such great music. His sound is pure hip hop. The beat and the overall rhythm that creates that mood, the swagger that creates the energy, and the lyrics that creates the story are all there. Just listen to any of his songs. They really put you in the mood to dance and to party. “Top Grindin”, AC’s CD, is out on i-tunes along with a single called, “4 My Momma”. Also a brand new release called “U Awwwready Kno”! You truly need to check out all his songs, they are great for a variety in your listening pleasure. AC Da’Perfecto has opened up for a number of artists, such as Busta Rhymes, Cappadonna, Jungle Brothaz, Taz (form da’ Alcoholiks). He was also on Dr. Dre’z Chronic 2000 video/DVD. He recently won the Push Power Promo Song of the Month contest.

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