ACDC Industries

AC/DC Industries is on the leading edge of technology in load management and battery protection with our MZL delay timers. Listed below are some of the additional benefits the MZL timer offers:

Delay Timing: Our timer can be programmed to cover a range of 15 minutes to 8 hours with just the flip of a switch.

Load Management: Supplies a centrally controlled power source that will turn off all electronic equipment at the same time. Works in addition to OEM/Built-in timers.

Low Voltage Protection: Should the output from the battery drop below 10.5 Volts, the unit will shut down all equipment through it. This will allow for enough cranking amps to start the engine.

Over Voltage Protection: Should the alternator have a problem, the device will protect the equipment from random spikes (shut down occurs at 16.75 to 17 Volts DC).

Whether you manage a fleet of Emergency Response vehicles or heavy utility trucks, our products can help you manage battery loads, prevent battery damage, and incorporate safer flasher features into your vehicle electrical system design.