Jason O'Donnell

Program manager and Customer Success Leader in Hillsboro, Oregon

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Problem solver | Change agent | Quixotic thinker

A bon vivant, a boulevardier, a man about the ‘virtual town’; of various passions and pursuits who contradicts himself and contains multitudes.

Professionally, I specialize in post-sales customer success, enterprise support, content strategies, and Knowledge-Centered Services (KCS). You can find my digital credentials on my Credly page.

Most of my content and everything you would need to know about me can be found on either of my two main websites:

I am a Knowledge-Centered Services (KCS) subject matter expert, certified in KCS v6 Practices and Fundamentals. I am very active in the Consortium for Service Innovation’s community, where I have hosted a number of roundtable discussions and presentations across multiple knowledge management topics.

My passion for customer success in the post-sales content space has become my primary focus and where I find the greatest value for my customers and clients.

I am also a wine and whiskies enthusiast. As part of my love for the dram I am deeply involved as one of the co-founders of the 3 Drunken Celts‘ tasting group. This directly lead me creating my own expressions in 2012 as a former co-owner / chief distiller of Tualatin Valley Distilling, LLC. Now closed, TVD was nano craft distillery located in Hillsboro, Oregon where we focused on American Whiskies as well as historically researched and recreate botanical based spirits.

I wantonly abuse ellipses and have a deep love for Strunk & White, CMOS, and the serial comma. I have quixotic ideas and strive to be the greater fool.