Ace Hart

I'm a GQ geek from Coastal Western Australia with atypical neurology and a love for more things than I am allowed tags for on here.


Some more Interests I wish I could tag:
* Arting(a variety of digital & traditional stuff)
* World Building
* Comics
* Woodworking
* Monster Taming/Training RPGs

And a whole pile of -punk tags:
* Steampunk
* Clockpunk (a sub-genre of Steam)
* Cyberpunk
* Dieselpunk

And some more specific stuff:
* Bruce Banner & Hulk
* Quidditch
* Pokemon, Digimon, DemiKids
* Czech Republic
* Canada
* Harry Potter (as a setting for deeper/more exploratory fiction)
* Firefly (TV Show)
* Alphas (TV Show)
* Almost Human (TV Show)

Guess I'll add more stuff later. Really need a separate box for all this...