jovet ace jurado

<3 wEb surfer <3 i don't smoke <3 late sleeper <3 foOd junkie <3 i love to shop eve when i only got my last cash <3 cant cook but willing to learn <3 coke light addict <3 Easily pleased <3 MUsic keeps me going *physically conscioUs but not anorexic *im not gonna feed you some bullcrap so u can like me *i am CRazy . aNd hUge Rebel but in a GOod Way *i can be hYper one moment and totally out of mood the next *i look sNob and IntiMIdating but it pays to know me first before you say something _Great friend _im not chooSy with friend's.just be ur self and that whould more than enough.No need to impress me with all those lies just to get close to me because i appreciate every little thing about everyone. _i love to hang around with people i'm comportable with. _i value ones inner personality than their cover. <3 im a Peaceful PerSOn, not really into FiGths but dont push me to my LiMit. <3 i might not show you i CarE, or TeLl you EVerything i feEl. but dont be fooLed bY the mooDs i wear. coz deep inside i really care. :) <3 i'd lyk to think i'm quite brave. for several reasons: 1st. i'm very much willing to make tough decisions. 2nd. i stand for mysElf and my belieFs. 3rD. i wont compromise what's in my heart 4th. i Wont allow anyone to Step on Me. LasTly. i stANd up foR those i LOVE NOT PERFECT but JUst the way I wanT it...! --- YAn. That's Me! NO moRE. NO LESS. <3