Ace Adams

I'm my Own Boss! and LOVING IT!! I was born and raised in Plymouth, Ma. which is also Americas Home Town!!

Back in 2002 I moved to Down-east Maine and most of my family still lives in Ma.. I wouldn't have it any other way as I love the four seasons with Fall and Spring being my favorite and the landscape in Maine has to be some of the most breathtaking anywhere in the country. Although I could pass on some of the winters we have especially the ones when we get a few feet of snow and loss power for days! Actually it can be exciting living by candles and flashlights but it sure makes you appreciate being able to turn on a switch and having power. Where we live is near Acadia Park which is the 3rd most traveled Park in United States. During the winter months the streets become bare as there's not much to do and only the locals that brave the weather are left.

My true passion helping people find financial freedom! Make a change today and become your own boss? Call me NOW to find out how you can find FREEDOM.

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Call now and get ready to change your life!! God Bless, Ace-- 207.479.5432.