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Ace Heat Tech


Established in the year 2000, ACE Heat Tech specializes in the manufacture and export of an array of electric infrared heaters & industrial temperature controllers, configured with the most advanced features.

By undertaking the complex and complicated assessment job of process heating & temperature control requirements for our clients, on a regular basis, the company has attained proficiency in offering better and practicable heating & temperature control solutions to its clients. For this, the company has also conducted several studies so as to accustom to the trends and demands of different sectors.

ACE Heat Tech specializes in following category of heaters:

Electric Infrared Heaters
Custom Built Heaters
Temperature controllers

Product Portfolio:

Infrared Heaters (FSR Series)
Color Changing Infrared Heaters
(FSR Series)
Ceramic Flat Infrared Heaters
(FSE Series)
Insulated Ceramic Infrared Heaters (HTS Series)
Super High Temperature Black Infrared Heaters (SHTS Series)
Thermocouple Ceramic Infrared Heaters
High Performance Infrared Heaters (HLS Series)

Application Industries:
Ceramic Infrared Heaters
Our heaters, viz. electric infrared heating elements, custom built heaters and temperature controllers, find applications in different industrial units as enlisted below. Moreover, we specialize in developing custom based heaters, to precisely meet the specifications, the temperature control & process heating requirements of these industries.