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There is a tipping point – and some very good reasons to consider buying a new air conditioner instead of trying to keep your old A/C going.

Are your Repair Bills Rising? That’s a sign that your air conditioner is starting to fail. When you call for service, talk to your technician and get an opinion. If you call Ace Home Services, you’ll get an honest assessment of how long your current A/C can last.

Are you Utility Bills Going Up? This is another sign that your air conditioner may no longer be working efficiently. Look at your repair bills and your utility bill. Together, do they indicate a failing A/C.

Does your Air Conditioner still use Freon. You probably know that Freon is no longer being used and as fewer and fewer air conditioning units call for it, the demand is going down and that means the price is going up. If you’re replacing Freon on a regular basis, it probably means there is a leak somewhere in your system. Again, ask you technician. Can it be fixed and last long enough to make the cost of the repair worthwhile?

Those are reasons to give you an indication as to whether it’s time for a replacement. Now, here are the reasons you may want to replace your old unit with a new air conditioning unit.

Today’s Air Conditioning Units are Energy Efficient. You can even get an Energy Star rated A/C. This could mean a lower utility bill month after month. Savings that put money back in your pocket!

Your Unit will be Properly Sized for your Home. This is another energy saver. Don’t just replace your old A/C with one of the same size – have Ace Air Conditioning size the unit correctly!

When you call Ace Home Air Conditioning Repair Phoenix Company, you are calling a local company with more than 25 years of experience serving the Valley of the Sun. You’ll get professional, friendly service and the right air conditioning unit for your home!

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