Casey James Trent

Writer, Assistant, and Creatrix in Sydney, Australia

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Born and bred Sydney, Casey always has something to say. Her reputation is that she likely will.

After an exhausting round-about ride from college to banking to politics (and less interesting stops), she is a moonlighting songwriter with formal music training.

By daylight, she is organised to the hilt with experience in:

» website publishing, publication software, and IT problem-solving;
» travel diary and coordination;
» event planning and management;
» executive level (C-suite) and administrative support;
» proofreading, editing, writing briefing notes and stakeholder documents

Having worked in corporate banking, politics, line-agencies and government departments, Casey proactively engages in current affairs, social media, and is passionate about learning - currently part-way through a Juris Doctor.

She's a wiz at Tetris, and if it comes down to it she will insist on packing your suitcase.

  • Work
    • C-Suite support and Writer
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Music (Composition & Music Production)