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International "NEGOTIATION FACILITATOR For Hire", ACEofExportSale - RFTS LLC finds new qualified customers world wide, assists with face to face negotiations and brings you the orders. Our group of experienced & talented multilingual individuals help entrepreneurs to grow their export business and maximize profits through excellence in marketing, sales & professional negotiations across cultural, social and political diversity.

The aim is to add value to “export ready” business, to increase revenues & profits. This is achieved through any or all of the activities below:

- Market assessment, identification of possibilities, qualification and evaluation,
- Dynamic marketing planning & actions towards pre qualified profitable markets,
- Performing sales calls to pre-qualified buyers, negotiation for orders, as well as
- Initiating relationship between new patented products developers and manufacturers.
The above services are provided, at a fee, to companies worldwide wanting to develop export sales.
We work to the success of “export ready” companies.
Our areas of expertise are mainly in metallurgy, mining, oil & gas, power and renewable energy, automotive, mechanical, fabrication and related heavy industries.
If you know some who want to develop globally, introduction and the opportunity to review their possibilities and to see how we can contribute are always appreciated. They can take advantage of our complementary introduction package to analyze and review their possibilities with them. To DISCOVER how to put their company ahead of foreign competition, they can call Louis at: 1-203-927-6545 / or e-mail:

  • Work
    • Export and Global Business Development
  • Education
    • BA Business Administartion - Marketing