Student and Artist in Texas

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hi! im nate, but you can also call me dipper or just d

im 19, a pisces, and my pronouns are he/him

this is my private spam account so youll find a mixture of vents, selfies, drawings, shitposting, etc. pretty much just whatever the fuck i feel like posting.

my public account is @irl.dipper and my art account is @liliumlief


im fictionkin but i stopped caring enough to keep a list of all of them 🤷🏽‍♂️

all you need to know is im literally the real life dipper pines and dick grayson

im super cool w doubles tho👍🏽👍🏽


other places to find me:

tumblr: adhdgrayson

snapchat: liliumlief

duolingo/pinterest/steam: liliumlief

battle.net: dipper#11234

kik/discord: dm me (only if we re mutuals)


if you read this, dm me a "🦈"