Student and Artist in Texas

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hey! im nate, but you can also refer to me as dipper, pap/papyrus, or vene/feli (pls do)

im 18, a pisces, and my pronouns are he/they, you can alternate or just stick with one it doesnt really matter

im asexual and pan/demiromantic

my main interests are undertale, overwatch, gravity falls, hamilton, rooster teeth/achievement hunter, steven universe, and just cartoons in general.

this is my spam account so youll find a mixture of vents, selfies, drawings, shitposting, etc. pretty much just whatever the fuck i feel like posting.

my main insta is @irl.dipper which is p much a lot of bullshit. idek what that account is anymore. (if you know me irl i would prefer if you followed that account instead of this one thanks)

pls dont take it personally if i softblock you or deny your follow request. its prob bc youre someone i know irl that im not comfortable w seeing some of my posts here. i dont want a lot of people i know irl knowing abt this account.


i am fictionkin and my kins are:

🌟dipper pines (gravity falls)**

🌟papyrus (undertale)**

🌟italy veneziano/feliciano vargas (hetalia)**

💚pearl (steven universe)

💚junkrat/jamison fawkes (overwatch)

💚tom (star vs the forces of evil)

🔺choromatsu matsuno (osomatsu-san)

🔺ruby rose (rwby)

🔺morty smith (rick and morty)

(🌟- literally me/ids; 💚- primary; 🔺- secondary)

**dont follow/interact if you id as dipper, papyrus, or veneziano**

whoever i have my icon set to on instagram is usually who im currently shifted to


other places to find me:

tumblr: ftmdipper

snapchat: liliumlief

battle.net: dipper#11234

steam: liliumlief

kik/discord: dm me (only if we re mutuals)


if you read this, dm me a "🚀"

[icon source: ask-the-skele-household.tumblr.com]